5 POI data bases for GPS

In my experience as a driver, here are my top 5 POI databases for you to download for your car GPS. (Free & paid).

Speed cameras
Speed Traps USA in the United States - Safety GPS POI data directory for Garmin, TomTom, Navman, Destinator and other GPS brands. - GPS POI Data

Low clearances
Low Clearance GPS Data

Truck stops
POIfriend.com: GPS POI Group: Truck Stops

Gas stations
Petrol in the United States - GPS POI Data

POIfriend.com: GPS POI Group: Wal-Mart USA

I have all of these installed and they all work really well.

Safe driving with car GPS all the time.

Hyundai’s Nationwide 8th Free Car Care Camp in India

Hyundai Motors India Limited has launched its nationwide free car care clinic from 20th March to 29th March 2010. The program will be implemented by the 410 delegates that the manufacturer has the whole country and 30 repair shops. Hyundai plans to make the program successful and are also attractive gifts and prizes during the free car care program. The company offers various awards such as for example 100 extended warranties, 8 32  LCD TV, branded watches and Car DVD players.

All vehicles, Hyundai is 80 points, including AC, exterior, engine, etc. check the Hyundai, with 20 percent discount on labor and 10 percent discount on all parts. Consumers can also benefit from free car wash in the free car care program. The answer to a previous camps were very encouraging, and Im sure the eighth camp, the tape will continue to enjoy this service, specially organized for them,  said Arvind Saxena,

The 2010 Round-Up for GPS

GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation devices are now so widespread that a rare to see an old book-style cards in a car again. For a moment it seemed that car GPS is more expensive to go screw functions increasingly in recent years, but a decisive shift in favor of more compact, budget-friendly setting. Can anyone say "GFC"?

More and more smartphones come with integrated GPS, and an increase in the number of GPS applications available as a result. Ovi Nokia Maps offers free solutions for a wide range of models and brands, there are applications for the iPhone by TomTom, Garmin, Sygic, and more.

In general, most solutions Smartphone GPS is slightly lower for the identification of sites dedicated devices GPS, but it is a stable leadership with the unique advantage of the gadget with them. However, note that you are legally (and healthy), in most states are equipped with GPS into a smartphone screen approved.

GM v. Ford is now in technology war

If you are driving for twenty years, then you know that some cars to garbage. The series wouldnt engine. The brakes do not last 15,000 miles. The leaves will blister rust after a single Midwestern winter. Window (remember them?) Come too short to keep.

People rushed to move the finger at the domestic producers. For sure, the increase in production cars in Detroit in an undesirable form of art.

As good as the Americans were under-engineered, Asian and European manufacturers have had their moments. Early Honda Civic was going to attack before your eyes; Fiat has worked hard to win the Fix-It-Again-Tony fame. Even the mighty Mercedes-Benz they had serious problems in the 1990s. The ML-Class SUV is an excellent example of how not to build a vehicle. And now we have recent problems at Toyota.
However, things are different today.

Even the least expensive cars (including Toyota) for sale in the United States, far more than the historical standards of quality, performance and functionality.

Reliability, efficiency and quality is excellent reasons to choose one car to another. Today, these properties are standard. The same goes for safety performance and excellent reliability in order to maintain security.

So, apart from nature, we can do as a buyer chooses a brand over another?


As a category that includes electronics for more than just audio and dealer installed Car DVD player. General Motors and Ford have invested heavily in infotainment, the intersection of information dissemination and entertainment. Every company believes that the solution a solid basis to make and use a different. Entertainment like Car DVD player is one of the key factors.

I remember testing a Cadillac equipped with OnStar before more than ten years at a time when mobile phones the size of Walkietalkies. At that time, the idea of the combination of global positioning satellites has been with my cell phone was struck in an exciting and Orwell. Security and peace of mind for technology is undeniable.

Then, as now OnStar is comprehensive and fully integrated hardware, the functions of a mobile phone to combine cars with GPS and the electronic system. The results are unique in the industry.

OnStar is extremely capable. You can use the cars built-in features such as a mobile phone. OnStar million users do. OnStar But like any other mobile phone hands-free, what is the system of selling short. OnStar now offers nearly two dozen subscribers. Various designs are available, each with a call center staffed 24/7/365 thats supported by trained professionals who can do things that border on science fiction.

For example, OnStar offers wireless connectivity, a two-way relationship call center consultants contact OnStar. This link allows you to select the vehicle functions are activated. If you locked your keys in your car OnStar advisor can be a signal to unlock the doors must be sent. Consultants in more than 58,000 times per month.

OnStar offers an automatic response that is activated in a car accident. The systems appeared capabilities and features have been using doctors in the emergency room, who believed that more lives could be saved if doctors know what type of accident that had developed (front, side, rear, turnover) and severity of accidents (strength of effect). By integrating with the vehicles, security systems, the vehicle automatically sends the data on accidents to help 911 entrepreneurs, the best way to dial the emergency measures.

A recent development is the application of OnStar Smartphone for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt development. This driver is the car muchanticipated able to monitor the condition of electrical drive, call the state of the car charge the battery charge level and the approximate driving range. Imitation people found the remote start in some luxury cars, the driver can start the vehicle distance volts, provided that the interior of the cool, the weather is warm and cozy in the cold. These activities can also be achieved, while the car is connected to the network, it reduces the driving range once unplugged.

Developed with software giant Microsoft and Ford has a completely different approach from that of GM. The basic idea is synchronized, the pilot must bring the car to work by car, even more than they could do alone.

Pairs automatically sync with mobile phones and related MP3 players. Synchronization allows you to connect via voice and control button (wheel) for device drivers climb into their cars.

Ford Sync in some models, introduced in 2008 and now Sync sold as standard or optional on nearly all vehicles of the company.

With Sync, drivers can press a single button on the steering wheel to start a telephone conversation with simple voice commands to. Tell us a house and the phone in bag or pocket and automatically selects the tone son through car audio system. Sync also read incoming text messages.

The MP3 players checked in a similar manner. Synchronized voice recognition is very concerned and to identify song titles and artists for iPods, other MP3 players, mobile phones and PDA.

Ford has recently expanded capabilities for synchronizing 911 Assist (911 selected automatically when an airbag including switches and caused the vehicle fuel pump). Like the OnStar GM, Sync also offers turn-by-turn directions and Vehicle Health Reports. By the end of this year, Ford and Lincoln Mercury pilot with 2010 vehicles, including Sync will be able to get first hand information on the destinations of MapQuest.

In the auto shows in Detroit and Chicago, Ford showed a significant increase in synchronization with its capabilities and MyLincoln MYFORD Touch Touch Systems.

The basic scheme of the team is completely new instrument and the principal vehicle controls are designed to synchronize more features available. The reading system synchronization current using two buttons on the steering wheel and provides visual (alphanumeric) information on a single, a color screen. MYFORD Touch system to facilitate monitoring of the device by inch five double-check button on the steering wheel and two LCD screens and a larger LCD touch screen control center. Color key feature, a quadrant-based organization, which proved to be easy.

Supercharge software modifications to improve equipment. Ford opens synchronized programming architecture for developers who do dozens, then hundreds, even thousands of smart phone hands free mobile applications work with Sync. For those who have their own smart phones (mobile phones that also function as mini-) computer program as a music service Pandora Internet disposal. In addition, connecting a USB WiFi device in sync, the vehicle is equipped with mini-hot spot and passenger laptops or you can browse the Web for vehicles in the center of the screen LCD.

While GM and Ford wants to compare trafficking at OnStar for synchronization, the reality is that these two technologies allow the driver to something completely different and unique. Each system has its advantages.

OnStar offers unparalleled rest and Sync drew the market power of consumer electronics. If one or the other, sufficient grounds to another through GM or Ford or another brand? Should not judge it.

Before the final decision, remember that most other manufacturers offer some sort of infotainment systems. As I write this does not correspond to the overall experience of OnStar and Sync it offers. But competition is what is to expect that to change. The Kia recently announced its own system called Multi Media Card UVO (abbreviation of your voice) and digital television, among many other features.
Back later this year.

Buying a new car a little more complicated, at least not have to worry about whether the new vehicle you are considering starting in the morning, or air bubbles in the paint and rust at this time next year.

2010 Nissan Altima SR 3.5 TEST DRIVE

As I'ma fan of the vehicles Nissan, I have great satisfaction and expectations of their cars, so when I was asked to test the new Altima 3,5 SR 2010 I jumped at the occasion, which is the Nissan until the new year. Of course, the first impression is always the appearance of the car and have for the first time I knew I had gone in search of the good, the Altima has caught my attention right before entering the car. When I give the Altima, the interior is what I expected, I looked around for all the features and capabilities, and noticed the dashboard with an onboard car GPS navigation system, radio, Car DVD player and I was ready to roll!

Because I'm a fan of the vehicles Nissan, I have great satisfaction and expectations of their cars, so when I was asked to test the new 2010 Altima 3,5 RS, would have the opportunity to discover what that Nissan is until the new year.

Of course, the first impression is always the appearance of the car and have for the first time I knew I had gone in search of the good, the Altima has caught my attention right before entering the car. When I give the Altima, the interior is what I expected, I looked around for all the features and capabilities, and noticed the dashboard with an onboard Car GPS navigation system, radio, Car DVD player and I was ready to roll!

In my work, a mixture of transition from interviews with personalities and events of course go to the office. This allows me time to my duties of the Altima that day my life easier. Of course, the path is very long, cruising the streets was so great that it was like riding on a flying carpet. But what was most to me is that this usually happens during the workday was my gear in the car. The GPS navigation system helped me to various destinations, it should be. Because I'm on my way to have a follow-up meeting with an artist that I interview, I could watch the rough edits the DVD (on the board), I had an interview with the artist. When I looked at that meeting, changes were fresh in my mind and the meeting went much better for me to watch a DVD in the car!

Overall my experience with the Altima, makes my day much easier and I thank SR Altima 3,5 for the support of my time to be productive!

Protect Your In-car Gadgets and Save a Packet

Statistics of the Metropolitan Police from 2007 show that gadgets like Car DVD units and mobile phones have become big money for car thieves. And with harder financial times ahead for many, this area of crime is likely to increase.

According to these figures, SA theft NAV rose 154% between April 2006 and April 2007 C, which is more than twice.
And OEM SA Arent gadget only attract thieves to your car. MP3 players, Car DVD player and digital cameras are among the items mentioned most often stolen from vehicles.

The worst part of losing your navigation system or DVD player for the car that is usually the end cost you much more than the cost of replacing the gadget. You should also pay for the repair of broken windows and locks block, or a thief access to your car. If you make a claim against the policy of motor insurance for the repair and replacement, you can not lose and your premium may increase the premiums for the coming year must meet.

Knowing all this, it appears that the experienced pilots to take steps to prevent a mat for thieves, but polls show the opposite. An industry survey showed a staggering 96% of motorists regularly drive electronics to park your car when it was. To make matters worse, an incredible 1, surveyed admitted all 3 drivers gadgets to annual leave at the sight of his vehicle. The results? A whopping 21% of drivers surveyed C have more than one in five C won at least one electronic gadget in their car had.

Mobile phones, SA, NAV, MP3 players and other electronic devices are a treasure for thieves chips today. They often live in sight of the front seat or dashboard. For a few seconds for opportunist breaking a window with your GPS connected to a pocket or under a shirt. These faces are easy to steal and sell simply because they are so in demand.

A car from the British insurance company to determine the situation. At swiftcover.com, UKS has just completed the online insurance company, has a new opportunity to meet Theyve have insurance for their cars. For a small additional premium of approximately 0530 gadget, you can buy when you buy your car insurance. These small devices instead of the product coverage of the car, if stolen from your car or accidental damage. Thatsa reasonable price to pay hundreds of pounds worth of equipment you use every day of coverage.

Swiftcover.com The small device will cover topics such as mobile phones, PDAs, navigation systems, satellite, MP3 players, security cameras covering tracking, portable game consoles, digital cameras, camcorders and portable media Car DVD.

Of course, the best form of protection and prevention. Before leaving the car, be used to gather all the devices on the dashboard or your office and be stowed in the glove box or trunk. It is a simple habit can reduce your chances of a crash-and-the tomb of spectacular goals.
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Use common sense with Car GPS

When turn into a personal Car GPS, there will need to disable your common sense.

This is the advice Jake Jacobson, a representative of Garmin, a sales manager in the world of personal navigation devices using Global Positioning System.

Jacobson was a response to the news stranding Jack Stokes and Angelique Coos Bay Saturday was a US Forest Service Road in Clackamas County in the following directions from their GPS device.

It was the second time this winter, leaving travelers Oregon Car GPS unit and waiting at the end. In December, a couple stuck in Lebanon for over 24 hours, while trying to spend Christmas with his family Maupin.

Nobody was injured in the incident.

Jacobson invited the public to visit www.garmin.com or map error report www.navteq.com.

Jacobson said that cases of human rights, it always follows the instructions of GPS, is often lost when one considers the time spent on personal navigation devices and the number of aircraft in service. In 2009, nearly 17 million Garmin units sold worldwide.

Garmin devices sold $ 100 to $ 700. GPS devices use satellite technology to provide guidance on the card, usually the shortest route from one place to another. The guidelines do not present environmental or atmospheric conditions.

We have units that have the power of meteorological information, but are usually at sea, or air time,  said Jacobson.  The weather is so finicky. If a person is not a function of time for the unit GPS, should contribute to local news reports and follow the signs posted.

Vacation in the United Kingdom: Keep your cool ride for motorways

This years? Summer may be over, but people still have their holidays, but many more choose weekend runs throughout the UK. Holidays in the UK has become very popular during the credit crisis, then? Got his nickname in the media, even a C; Staycations09?. Many families pack up and leave to go to one of the areas, trailer parks or national parks across the country. Where relevant holidays, ATI; S doesn important than driving on the highway? Let T be a task in the heat of summer and added that the move is difficult to remain calm under pressure on the roads. Many users have little insurance the best time when on the road, but sitting in traffic for hours, even the best drivers can be on the merger. To ensure that it09 have a good trip; S must be sure that new heart is ready ? Want to be disturbed in car DVD players can keep the children quiet while you concentrate on driving.
Ready to go, here are some tips: Pack food and drinks for the family in the car for a longer period of time can be taken to leave your family and you, the driver who hunger and thirst. Prepare a box or a bag with sandwiches, fruit and cold drinks to calm things and not to hunger at bay for the trip. A cool drink will also help you cool when ATI; S warm. Play all, are confined to your car, children may very irritable and moody. This attempt to play games with observation.
The age of a favorite; I spy09; is a simple game, a car that everyone can play in. If you make a donation to participate? You won't be if using  car DVD player, it can keep the children amazed while you still concentrate on driving. Take regular breaks when driving long distances, trying to make a change can be stressful at the moment, but very dangerous. Many people go there and are likely to be tired to sleep, especially if you drive at night. Be sure to stop regularly to stretch your legs, go to the bathroom or something to eat and drink. If another adult is if ATI; S, may result in changes to recover. Plan your route so many people use to manage Sat Nav these days, but only the navigation system can take the direct route in most cases, you can be the fastest. Doing a little research with a card that your heart? May be different ways to find more work, but faster to your destination and avoid traffic hotspots. Time is critical when you travel, shelled, so sooner or later can be used as the quantity of tourists from other weekends, we often beat the rush and move on with little success, as a reward. If you have one of youre many people who have bad credit find car financing online supplier because there are opportunities to meet your needs and your budget. The sale of cars, including loans in many areas in May and are available online if you need help finance the purchase of your car, look no further.

The future of GPS; Mio GPS adds DTV

Except Car GPS, the market for standalone GPS, may be compromised, but it just means that companies should work harder to create the next generation of mapping. A feast for the eyes to the Mio Moov V780, which debuted at CeBIT 2010 exhibition this week. It is flat and has a large 7-inch screen, but what is it really our attention.

Overcoming navigation, Moov V780 including digital television and wireless connectivity. It can play movies and high definition video up to 720p resolution and include the output resolution to connect to your device. Moov The V780 also comes with a carrying case with the keyboard is easy for a web browser or e-mail station. And you will see photos and videos from YouTube, and includes a spiffy new 3D interface.

Million, resulting in more detail at a press conference Thursday. Good move, Mio, this could be a great success of the show.

A introduction to car audio brands

Alpine has a reputation for providing high-quality audio performance from input to output, and offers excellent acoustic performance and balance. Alpine offers a wide selection of audio, navigation and multimedia products, including the famous stereo BassEngine PLAY LOUD, V amplifiers and Car DVD Navi navigation GPS. Other products include CD, MP3, MD & Cassette Player, CD changer packages.

Alpine Car Audio worldwide is known for their range of CD changer that is probably the best aftermarket CD Changer available anywhere. Built to last! Housing powerful and elegant, high quality ingredients electronically give skip-free copy, excellent quality audio playback CD, MP3, CD-R/RW () disks. Classic the CHM-S630 changer 6-disc is fully compatible with many factory radios using an interface CD.
Because the potential is the leader in aftermarket car audio. Auto Leads manufacture unique installation accessory that is very popular in the automotive industry for flexibility in the supply of large vehicles in the selection and installation of car audio equipment. The product range includes Adapters road on the border of the card, steering, remote and telephone mute lead.

Becker holds a leading manufacturer of car navigation systems, CD players and CD changer on the cutting edge of technology. If you had important business meetings or who are willing to start their journey to your destination, then Becker sound is the product for you. A fascinating combination of the navigation system, CD player and RDS tuner in one device, and to provide the latest information and techniques, you arrive at your destination anywhere in 18 European countries. As fitted by Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Land Rover, BMW, the Ford, VW and Ferrari.

Blaupunkt around the world know that the Blue Dot or blue spot is truly innovative in the car audio business. In 1932, he returned to radio and the first car was also the first to introduce car stereo, car CD player and RDS car radio. Recently, produced radio and dynamic navigation systems. Blaupunkt Car Audio have an excellent selection of products including car CD, MP3, MD, films and navigation systems. The powerful CDC-A03 CD changer is compatible with your car radio from Blaupunkt much.

Clarion recently had great success with the award-winning car navigation system and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), which are gaining in popularity each month take more and more quality radio stations. Clarion Car Audio also produce an excellent range of high quality car audio products such as CD, MP3, MD and cassette players with the very popular Clarion DC628 CD changer directly compatible with many factory car radios.

Connect 2 is a global manufacturer and recognized provider of car audio accessories and installation media. Connects 2 offers a series of very popular series of single CD, MD & MP3 Changer Interfaces assembled at the factory to operate to allow the radio and CD, MP3 MD and change control that offers an alternative to the vendor CD changer dear .

Also, the area will use the radio, fascia and steering remote control adapter identify quick installation and smooth. New products in the range of multimedia interfaces ICELINK that the iPod of the Apple iPod with your factory radio giving you a very portable MP3 player with CD Changer opportunity to connect.

Grundig manufacture the MCD-46 CD changer, the choice of Fiat, Seat and Skoda, a very good reputation for strong elegant design, compact size and easy installation in any available space in your trunk, under seats or in the glove box.

The Grundig MCD-46 changer CD-ROM, recommended as a model, assembled and installed by Fiat is directly compatible with radios that are in the Fiat Brava, Bravo, Marea, types and models. It is also built directly compatible with some models of Seat and Skoda with Grundig radios as standard.

The Grundig MCD-46 is equipped with high resistance to vibration and is resistant to shock and vibration lead.

JBL Whether you're looking to upgrade a factory sound system, or search for a system to build a world-class competition, as JBL has you covered. Amplifier, speakers and subwoofer. JBL can be found in land of the United States and many restaurants such as Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood is on tour and used by many artists in the music.

JVC has the seamless delivery of mobile entertainment, with many variations in style and function for mobile entertainment. JVC Car Audio has the products to meet your lifestyle and is the creator of the famous series for El CHAMELEON with radios. Range of car audio is determined by the demand to head down to the smallest 12 Disc CD changer and MP3 world.

Kenwood Sony Britain is perhaps the best known brands of car audio and car entertainment products because of their size, excellent quality, outstanding design and competitive prices. Creator MASK reputation system (now with removable security thread), has earned high regard as anti-theft.

Kenwood Car Audio recently released the radio, lights of different colors to coordinate with all the lighting of the dashboard that you can install it with caution. Kenwood have a great selection of products such as CD, MP3, MD & Cassette Player, CD packaging, CD changer, amplifier, subwoofer, speakers, AV / Car DVD player, and more.